The items on this page are from limited stock.  It is sold on a first come first serve basis.  Please note that if you do buy these items there is no guarantee until you reserve and pay for them.  We are not aware we can get stock to replace them at the moment.  Items will be removed from here when we are out of stock.  If we manage to get a new supplier then we will add it to the main pages. 

If something is sold we will try to keep this page updated as quick as possible.

Place mats for table.
Measuring 248mm x 190mm and 5mm Deep.
Weight Each 113g

£4 each (Supplied And Fully Printed)

Order Code plamat248190

Square Fabric Drink Coaster
Measuring 88mm across and 1mm deep
Weight 3g

70p each (Supplied And Fully Printed)

Order Code coafabsqu

Round Fabric Drink Coaster
Measurments 88mm across and 1mm deep
Weight 3g

70p each (Supplied And Fully Printed)

Order Code coafabrou

Fabric Book Marks
Measurements 160mm x 38mm x 1mm
Weight 2g

70p each (Supplied And Fully Printed)
Order Code boomar16038

99 Piece Jigsaw  Puzzle Measures 230mm x 160mm
Weight 157g
£4 (
Only one left) (Supplied And Puzzles Pieces Fully Printed)

Order Code jigsaw230160

Compact Disk Holder Has 12 Pages That Can Each Hold 1 CD And One Cover However If No Covers Are Needed Then A CD Can Fit In Cover Section.
Weight 170g
£8 (Only two in stock) (Supplied With Front And Back Fully Printed)
Order Code cd12

Frizbee / Flying Disk.  These are pretty good.  Tested in the house and nearly took everyones head off lol…. Oops. 
Measures 200mm accross
Weight 8g
£3  (Supplied Fully Printed)
Order Code friz200

A wallet for someone who uses cards to pay for items.  The reason is….. It has no coin section.

The top picture (white part) shows where it can be printed.  The bottom picture shows 3 card sections and also a section at the back for either notes (or receipts if you use cards.  Velcro fastening.

Measurements 250mm x 130 mm opened out.
Weight 60g
If you are looking for a different design purse or wallet then please go to and scroll down to purse / wallets

Order code walcard


A wall clock where the face is fully printable.  You can see by the left picture that the face is totally blank so you can have whatever you want on it.  Use your imagination.  Do you want numbers, do you want roman numerals (geeks we can do binary), you can have pictures where the numbers go or any type of design.  It really is totally up to you.  This clock is made of Glass (*See Below Next Clock)
£15  (Supplied Fully Printed)
Order Code clockglasstemp   
(only 1 left)

The same as the clock above with the only difference is the design of the hands and this one is made of hard board.

£15  (Supplied Fully Printed)
Order Code clockboardtemp 
(only 1 left)

The picture with the clock assembled is the one in question.  3.30am we (whilst half asleep) designed an A4 sheet of paper with a clock face on and we put batteries in it and hung it on the wall for test purposes.  Clocks look nice but they are designed to tell the time.  Whilst updating this site we took a photo of them both.  As you can see both have kept perfect time with each other and also with the clock in our room.

Should these clocks get dirty you can clean as you would any clock or it is so easy to remove the hands by easing them off and you can clean easier.  Whilst the glass clock can be washed in water we would not recommend allowing the hard board clock to be fully submerged into water for obvious reasons so a damp cloth is fine.  The clock is then easily put back together.  Please be careful (as with any clock) not to bend the hands and make sure they do not hit each other as they go round.

Door Name Badge (Ideal For Kids Bedroom Door)

This is like the car number plates you get with a border.  The printable panel comes of if you need to screw it to a surface and then stick the printable section on the top.
Measurements 150mm x 50mm Weight 28g
We only have one of these in stock and have no way (at the moment) of getting any more.

£4  (Supplied Fully Printed)
Order Code doorsign

Fancy Shaped Compact
Measurement 80mm across
Weight 65g
£4  (Supplied Fully Printed)
Order Code fancomtem

Comes In White Box

Oval Key Ring Printable on the white oval section.
Measurements 70mm top of ring to bottom of key ring.

Weight 28g
£3.00  (Supplied Fully Printed)
Order Code ovakeytem

Heart Key Ring Printable On The Inner Heart Shape

£3.00  (Supplied Fully Printed)
Order Code heakeytem

Comes in black box

Rectangle Key Ring Printable On The White Section
Pointed Corners
£3.00 (Supplied Fully Printed)
Order Code reckeypoitem

Comes in black box

Rectangle Key Ring Printable On The White Section
Rounded Corners
£3.00 (Supplied Fully Printed)
Order Code reckeyroutem

Comes in black box

Square Key Ring Printable On The White Section

£3.00 (Supplied Fully Printed)
Order Code keysqusil

Comes in black box

Glasses Cleaning Cloth

£1.00 (Supplied Fully Printed)
Order Code glacleclo

Panel With 4 Holes
Measurements 148mm x 73mm
Pack Of 5
Can Be Strapped Together To Make A Display.
£15.00 (Only Panels Supplied (No Connectors) Fully Printed)
Order Code panx5

Tag with plastic joiner and split ring.
Measurements 74mm x 38mm
(Only 1)
Order Code tagjonrin

Coaster With Cork Backing (Pack Of 2)
Measurements 93mm x 93mm x 6
(Only 1 Pack left)
Order Code coapac2

Ring Tag
Measurements 30mm Across x 36mm (Including hole)

£1.50 (Supplied And Printed On One Side)
Order Code ringtag

Heart Key Ring
Measurements 60mm Across x 50mm From Bottom Of Dip to point
Order Code heakeyrin

Diamond Sign With Fixing Hole
Measurements 150mm x 150mm
£4 Printed On One Side
Order Code diasign

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