Questions we are asked….

Do you price match   The simple answer is no.  The reason for this is people go on ebay and see something and say "This person charges £??.?? Can you match it.  If you see something cheaper you are more then welcome to use them.  Take into consideration the following.

We also treat each item with pride.  When you send us a picture we will make sure it is straight on the mug (not like some automated systems that just throw the picture onto the mug and however it lands that is it.  If you look at the T shirt section you will see pictures of a very well known supermarket that supply printed t shirts.  You will notice that there has been no care go into it at all.  We will not try something that we are not capable of doing.  Either we can do it properly or we will not do it so this always gives you great quality.

Some people only give you a template to work to so you have to have their design, with us you can have pretty much anything printed with no limitations,  you can have as many pictures or writing or design you like.  Should your design be complicated then there may be a small charge for design but we try to include it.

Another well known company charge a price for a mug that is double our price.  Then you pay another £10 to have anything edited etc...

Some people are charging prices for the price you could buy a jiffy bag with cheap materials, low quality print and no care and attention.  So we have to say no to the price matching.  We do not have to explain this to people who know us as they know we will give you great quality all the time.

We also will advise you on your design.  If we believe you image will not look good or you have difficulty deciding the layout we will work with you and help you. 

OUR MOTTO "Anyone can get a customer, it takes great service to make them return"

So in response to the question do we price match…..

If we were to price match we would have to quality match too and we are not prepared to lower our standards.
If we were to price match most companies it would mean the price would go up.  We are actually looking after you as much as we can.

Do you offer a discount for more then one item or bulk.  We offer a chance to join the loyalty scheme.  For every pound you spend on the printing we will give you one point.  Each point is worth 10p and when you get up to 50 points you can claim £5 off any item we sell.  In other words we are giving you a 10% discount without the need to buy in bulk.

Please read these very few terms and conditions.

  1. We reserve the right to terminate this at any time we wish (can't see why we would but should cover ourselves)
  2. You are required to join the mailing list (with a valid e-mail address) below to get on to the loyalty scheme.
  3. If you block e-mails, unsubscribe, or stop receiving e-mails you risk losing all your points FOREVER.  You will have to start collecting again.
  4. There is currently no minimum time you need to build up your points to 50 to use them.
  5. Points are redeemable at 50+ and you can use as many or as little points as you like.
  6. Once your points go below 50 you will need to get them above 50 to redeem against items.
  7. To get points you need to purchase from us even if you are selling our items to someone.
  8. When you buy something the points will go onto your account even if you are buying for someone else unless you tell us otherwise.
  9. The loyalty scheme can not be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount we offer.
  10. We will keep a tab on all your sales but there is no reason why you can not do to keep track of it too.
  11. We have the right to refuse anyone to join our loyalty scheme and not give any reason why.
  12. You have to have a valid e-mail address.  Every so often there will be a check e-mail that will come out requesting you to verify you are still receiving (and reading) e-mails.  Should you fail to respond to this then you risk losing your points FOREVER.
  13. Your points will only be added once you just the loyalty scheme.  We can not back date your points for sales before the joining date.  The loyalty is for regular buyers and people who read the e-mails.
  14. If you like you can read e-mails and reply to them.
  15. In some e-mails there are bonus points.  This requires you to read the e-mail and there will be a bonus message to get points.  Bonus points can only be added up to 24hrs after the e-mail has been sent.  After that no bonus points will be added.
  16. To gain points for other people you are required to authorise the artwork when a proof is sent.  Once you ok the artwork and it is printed that is the end of the transaction.  Should your customer not like it then it is your responsibility.  Please note that personal printed items are excempt from certain laws for the nature of the product.
  17. Terms and conditions can be changed at any time without notice which could effect your points so Please check back here regular.
  18. Your loyalty account will be active once you have sent us a head photo for your loyalty card and supplied us with a password to access any other features.
  19. You do not need to have multiple cards over our websites.  If you have one of our cards the user name and password will work over all of our sites as well as the loyalty points.
  20. Rather then have a list of terms and conditions we also ask you adhere to common sense.  We have included as much information as possible.  If something does not make sense please ask.  We will answer all questions.

Once you have joined you will get an ID on our system, if you already have an ID for our website then that will be the same one to use and then we will add your points on for future purchases.  Please remember that our system records e-mail bounces so should you block or cancel e-mail account our system will reset your points to 0 and remove you from the loyalty list.  Remember that to get loyalty points you have to be on the correct mailing list.  This may mean you are on multiple mailing lists (having multiple mailing lists means you only get information on what you are interested in rather then getting regular e-mails on things you are not interested in.

The block system is automated.  If your e-mail is bouncing our system will block you.  If you click to no longer receive e-mails our system will block you.  WE WILL NOT REVERSE THE BLOCK PROCEDURE WITHOUT YOUR CONCENT.  You will have blocked it for a reason so we respect that.  (We would like to know why though)

To apply and see if you are eligible please click HERE