First of all you need to work out what you want on the mug.  There are many companies that do mugs and have limitations like 1 photo or so many words etc….  We are only limited by the space on the mug.  So first of all have a think about what you want….


We can put any photo on a mug.  The question is, will it look good.  With a good photo, our mugs look fantastic.  However with a bad photo (too dark, not good enough quality) it will come out bad.  If a photo is not the right shape we can do some alterations with it (photo permitting) but if you want to print around the whole mug with one image you need a wide image or multiple things to print.  Stretching can make things look out of proportion.  We will advise if there is something that does not come out right.  Not picking the right image will delay your mug.  Bear with us as we will do our best to make sure it looks great.  We are not going to just print it and say "that's as good as it is gonna get".  When you buy a mug with us we take pride of it.  We use A Grade mugs so we want it to look its best.

Would end up looking like the picture on the right of this text.

Do not be put off.  There are options and ideas that we can do.  First of all if you really want to stretch the Blackpool Tower then there is nothing stopping you.  You could have the one picture on the front and one on the back (if they are thin then you may be able to fit a third one in or some text or something else).    The only problem we have with a photo is if it is not the right shape.  However we can adjust photos a little with a nip n tuck here and there.  It does depend on each photo though so check with us to see what we can do.  We will advise and tell you what we think.  This is also down to resolution.  Take the example above.

As you can see it is a little grainy.  The more you zoom a low quality picture the more you see the problem.  Try to find the best quality of the image you want.

The image on the left and right of this text both are identical apart from the resolution.  As you can see the one on the right is very low quality


Think of what text you would like on the mug.  Remember that people can only see one side of the mug at one time.  So think of how much text you want, where you would like it positioned, how big and what style of text would you like.  Text can be in all directions, letters can be twisted around and all sorts.  There is really too much to say what can be done.  So you just have a think and ask.  If you are at a hair dressers or somewhere that there is a mirror and you would prefer the writing to be able to be read in a mirror then we can do that too.  Test is also very good to fill gaps should you want some space filled.


A logo is the same as a photo.  Stretch it too much and it may look strange.  We can have a go to make it look good.  You just have to decide how you want it to be displayed on the mug.


Lines, Boxes, Circles, Stars, Stripes, Scans, we can put all sorts on the mug.


Everyone has a way that they like their drink.  In a job not long after leaving school I worked with a guy who made his drink like clock work, he timed the time the kettle boiled, timed a slight cool down time, measured sugar and there was so much to this drink making that you do not want to hear about.  Do you like your drink made just right, do people make your drink too strong or too weak.  We can print a colour maker or a band on the mug so when someone makes you a drink they can get it as close as possible.  Whilst we can put the colours on this site, what is shown on a screen can look different to a mug.  This is because of people's preference on screen settings.  When working on computers I have the brightness turned down to save eye strain.  This would mean a colour on my screen would look brighter on a mug.  We have a mug with a colour chart on.  You can look at the mug and pick a colour that we have put in a grid reference and then we know it will match up.  You can have your name on the mug.
What about "Pete's Mug, I like Coffee With Two Sugars And Enough Milk To Match The Colour Near The Rim"


We currently can not print on the handle.  (We do have a selection of mugs with colour handles). 
We can not print inside the mug
We can not print on the base of the mug (If this becomes a possibility in the future we will let you know here)
The print can not go all the way up to the handle.  See the example page.
Please see below the size of what can be printed.


So your picture or logo does not fit.  It is not difficult to get a gap filler of some type.  Be it a pattern top and bottom or some other filler.  How much you have printed (or how much you do not want printed) is up to you.


An average 11 oz mug has the height of about 90mm.  If you have a solid fill on a background we recommend to have a few mm top and bottom.  The width wrapped around the mug is 210mm (The Width Of A Piece Of A4).  Other mug sizes are to follow.