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We have recently had a supplier who's services were not reliable and customers were let down because of them.  We never want to let customers down so a bad supplier is not what we want.

We always want to deal with suppliers who are reliable, have stock, and have great quality items at a reasonable price.  We have been doing printing for a while now and have gained a reputation of always giving fantastic quality.   Whilst we are looking for a good price we are not prepared to be buying rubbish so if your items are of very bad quality then we would not be interested in them as our customers always come first.  There are too many companies out there who do not care about the customer and the end product so with your help we can all be happy.  Supplier, us and the end user.

There is one thing that can have and effect on our reputation and that is bad quality items.

We want our customers to return because they loved the product and had an easy nice experience right from the contact to the delivery.

What do we want from our customers…..

We want them to look at the product and be glad they chose us

We want them to know that we looked after them all through the design process and that they felt special throughout the experience be it 1 mug or 100 mugs.

We want them to feel confident to recommend us to their friends.

We want them to come back to us for future purchases.

If we give a bad service then we may make one sale and then never see them again.  That is not us.  We love return custom

We do not make a major amount of profit on items so we do rely on return customers and also people passing on the word.  They will not pass on the word if our service was not great.  After going round some of the well known shops in the area and seeing some of the trash they sell, we found we can still beat their price or at least match it but give a better quality item.  One of our local shops sells mugs at x4 of the price we do and the staff have little knowledge in design.

We are not in the process of naming and shaming but a large Superstore chain are selling full printed T shirts.  All you have to do is lift the sleeves of the shirt to see where the ink has missed or look at the back where the neck is.  To fully print a T Shirt in this way is not really possible and we are not prepared to try to fool our customers in thinking it is possible.  What we are trying to say is…. We value our customers and want to always give a great service.  Our limited profit means a refund can really damage us so we always want to give great quality in the first place. 

Please take a look at our website and if there is something that you supply tell us about it.  If there is something that you supply that is not on our website then please bring this to our attention.  We aim to keep popular items in stock and also aim to have a fast turn around to get items that are not in stock here.

EXAMPLES :-   We have noticed that people show more interest when they see something and who would blame them.  It is like going on ebay and buying something without a picture.  So if you have any samples that we can have for demonstration to show people that would be good.

If you look after us, we can look after you and we can also look after our customers.  What a great thought… Everyone wins.  We have a business, we buy off you and our customers are happy to recommend us to their friends and also come back to us.  We do want to keep in touch with our suppliers and get to know them.  We are only a small business (two of us).  This does mean that we can give a personal touch and no matter how busy or big we get we never want to lose the personal touch and the high quality items.

Our product list of what we have available and what we are looking to do is located here.

To get a priority message to us please click here and it will be delivered to all of our mobile devices.

The items below are things we are looking to get a regular supplier of.

Mugs (all colours and combinations of)

Plectrums (and any band related items).

T Shirts (although we currently have a supplier they do let us down on certain sizes at times which does mean we have to ask the customer to wait and we want a quick turn around).

Dressing Gowns

Beer Mats (Cardboard)

There will be more added soon.