If you wish to see some examples then we are soon going to be putting some photos up here soon.  However we are in the process of getting round to talking to some people who have had shirts from us to see if they are happy for us to use a photo of their shirt on our site.  We do have a couple of shirts that are used to show as an example.  Please ask if you want to see them.

Please read before ordering.

Full colour printing is not something that although we could do the process we use does not give great results so we do not do it.  For an example of this, without naming names, do you use a large store that sell groceries and clothing etc….  Next time you are there go to the t shirt section and lift up the arms of the garment.  Are they printed well.  No???  That is why we would not do it as to print fully requires very large and expensive machinery.  If you want full colour print on every inch of the shirt then we can not help.  However we can print on most of the T shirt.  Please ask us.  We want you to be happy with what you buy.

Once your T Shirt is printed, it can not be returned.  The printing makes them unusable to us.  We therefore ask you make all efforts to check the sizes before you ask us to go ahead and print.  Our prices are based on items that are in stock.  Not all items are in stock as we do not have the money or the space to order all the shirts in all the sizes.  So please check when ordering if there is going to be an extra delivery cost on top..

All T Shirt Prices include :-

-Basic design of one side of t shirt and or setting up the print,
-Standard printing on one side,
-You can supply the artwork or we can do basic editing for you.

PRICES DO NOT include any heat transfer material or rhinestones.  For standard printing it is all inclusive but please be aware that there are some extra options that may incur an extra charge.  We will let you know about this before printing. 

Before we go ahead and print the shirts we will make sure that you are happy with the price.  We will confirm the final price so you know exactly what you are getting and for exactly what price.  There will be no surprizes around the corner.  We will always keep you informed on what we are doing.

If you want printing anywhere else on the shirt or if you require more complex editing please ask for details.

As with any sort of printing, printing on white will always look the best. 

If you like the look of a T Shirt with no printing then let us know.  We are quite happy to supply any of our items unprinted as many of them are very comfortable to wear in normal every day use.  You do not have to have something printed if you do not want to.

We also have equipment that will cut out silhouette items of different colours that can be heat pressed onto darker shirts.  This is available now, we just have a few shirts out there that are in testing stage to see they hold up to the wears and tears of every day life and the washing machine etc.  So far the results are positive.  We ask for your patience while this testing is taking place.  We have a good reputation on selling quality items and would not sell something we would not be happy with.
Please ask any questions and give us any ideas of your requirements.  When ordering we do ask you give the order code as this will help us locate the exact item, size and colour.

Any T Shirt Found Below This Section Are Cheaper Because Of The Inconsistency Of Colour.  In the past we have bought a batch of T Shirts and when ordering a second batch they are not the same.  Also some of the sizes are hard to get hold of so we deal more with the company who suppy the t shirts above.